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I Survived a Suicide Attempt: Bart Andrews

Bart is a clinical psychologist whose past has shaped how he approaches life and his career today.

"For me, it’s important because I think there’s a lot of us. We’re really afraid to tell our stories because we’re afraid we’re going to lose our jobs. People are going to take our degrees away. They’re going to take our licenses away. They’re going to think I’m not a good therapist. What that means is that we don’t talk about it. And if we view other providers this way, what does it say about the people that we treat if we have this view of providers as being “damaged goods” or “wounded?”

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To The EMT Who Transported Me After My Overdose

Rosemary remembers a special encounter with an EMT; a man that not only helped her in a time of need, but has inspired her to want to help herself, and others.

"That transport healed me more than my 12 hours in the ER, and I want to thank you. Today, I am getting better. I am learning to enjoy life again; I am overcoming my addictions one by one."

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When I Learned Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Heather remembers a past love's struggle with addiction and urges people to be a catalyst for positive change in all their relationships.

"As human beings we can only do so much, but the least we can do is try to help someone before it is too late or before their story begins to veer down the wrong path. You can’t save everyone, but some people can be saved. Some people can change."

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