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Moving America’s Soul on Suicide

This series details several stories of hope and recovery.

"For the first time in my life, I was learning to visualize my future instead of remembering my past."

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I Survived a Suicide Attempt: Josh Rivedal

Josh's personal experience with the suicide of a family member aided him with his own struggles.

"People care, they love you, and they want to support you. There's somebody and something in this world that is better because you're around. I know it might be hard to see, but it's there. Explore and look for that. You're important and you matter. If you could stick around for that, you'd be helping tremendously. Just because you've been in one place at one point doesn't mean you can't make an incredible life for yourself and help other people. Everybody's important and everybody matters. Just because you don't see it right now doesn't mean it's not true."

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I Don’t Miss Mother’s Day: Mourning A Mother’s Death By Suicide

Brett celebrates his mother's memory every day, not just on a designated holiday.

"I adored my mother. I didn’t need a specific holiday to express myself, or to prompt me to think about how I felt. Every day was Mothers’ Day in my heart, and I know that despite how she felt at any given moment, within her illness, she knew that."

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