Story Categories: Eating Disorder

Keep Fighting For Recovery

Noelle's therapy helped her realize she had the strength to overcome her own personal battles.

"Seven years ago, I was too tired for anything. With the last ounce of strength I thought I had, I told my mom I didn’t want to do it anymore. I did the closest thing I could manage to ask for help, and at that time, asking meant not denying."

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To The EMT Who Transported Me After My Overdose

Rosemary remembers a special encounter with an EMT; a man that not only helped her in a time of need, but has inspired her to want to help herself, and others.

"That transport healed me more than my 12 hours in the ER, and I want to thank you. Today, I am getting better. I am learning to enjoy life again; I am overcoming my addictions one by one."

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